KFI Hydraulic Actuator Turning Kit for UTV Plows

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Have you ever been plowing snow sitting inside your cab and needed to rotate the blade, but you didn't want to get out into the cold to rotate it? The ALL NEW  UTV Plow Actuator Kit is your solution! The KFI Actuator kit is an American Made hydraulic pivot that allows you to rotate the blade from side to side while staying in the comfort of your cab. There is no need for extra parts because the KFI Plow Actuator will mount onto your current UTV tubes.


  • Specifically designed for use with KFI UTV Tubes #106300 / Open Trail Tubes #10-5635
  • Parker Industries Made in the USA Electric (12 volt) over Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Complete wiring kit with Carling Technologies Two-Way Dash Rocker Switch
  • 1 Year Warranty on KFI Manufactured components
  • 18 Month Warranty on Parker Hydraulic Actuator based on its manufactured Date
  • Rotates up to full 25 degrees in both directions
  • Does NOT include the Tube System #106300 (Purchase separately)
  • Powder Coated TOUGH

Works with KFI Snow Plow Blades