KFI SYN19-B50 KFI ROPE KIT BLUE 3/16"X50' 1700-3500 SYN19-B50

  • Synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable and it is lighter
  • It won't bind up or develop those sharp frays that give nasty slivers
  • Average of 7700 lbs strength cable
  • High strength SK75 Dyneema
  • Heavy Duty nylon eye guard
  • Very low stretch
  • Replace your old cable in 15 minutes or less
  • No kinks, curls, rust or splinters
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Floats in water
  • Light weight
  • Perfect for all your PLOW winching needs
  • Terminal end connection - For later model winches these ends can be cut off
  • Includes sliding 5' protective sheath to protect against rough or sharp surfaces
  • Comes with woven metal eye hole for any hooking system
  • Perfect for all your winching needs